Arctic Shores’ behaviour-based assessments help you see more in people.

Partnership Overview

The Phenom X Arctic Shores collaboration streamlines the recruitment process in high-volume scenarios. Pairing Phenoms' sourcing and pre-qualifying technology with Arctic Shores' behaviour-based assessments gives talent acquisition teams manageable candidate pipelines filled with high quality candidates. These candidates are a great fit for their roles and company based on essential criteria, hard skills and underlying natural preferences - so they'll be little wasted time with poor fit candidates during interviews.

Key Integration Benefits
  • Our assessments capture candidates’ real behaviour. This lets you see more in them, whether it’s creativity, resilience, learning agility or a host of other traits. So you can sift faster and hire confidently.
  • Our assessments have no adverse impact on protected groups. Give every candidate a fair shot, and create a more diverse, dynamic workplace.
  • By replacing typical questions with interactive tasks, and providing instant feedback, candidates enjoy an engaging, rewarding and stress-free process.
  • Our assessments have helped employers across the globe reduce their time and costs to hire and enhance their employer brand.



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