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Partnership Overview

Censia ads AI-powered Talent Intelligence to Phenom People, transforming the way companies find, evaluate, and hire top talent. Censia dramatically accelerates hiring speed, lowers recruiting costs, and delivers higher quality, more diverse talent. Censia is powered by cutting edge-AI and one of the world’s largest talent databases, containing the complete and up-to-date professional records of more than 500 million professionals. Censia users instantly receive a ranked slate of highly-qualified candidates, complete with meaningful, AI-generated career insights.

Key Benefits

Consolidate and Reduce Recruiting Spend
Censia’s cutting-edge technology optimizes recruiting and frees up cash flow. In addition to reducing screening and sourcing time by 90%, most users realize more than a 75% reduction in job board and professional network costs. Additionally savings develop in the long run, as employee turnover decreases, and companies find more internal talent ready for promotion.

Model the Ideal Candidate
AI and predictive analysis evaluate hundreds of factors to model the ideal candidate for each job, replacing simple, inefficient keyword searches with holistic, multidimensional candidate models. These models can be used to search for passive talent, and evaluate applicants and employees. Censia instantly creates ranked shortlists of candidates based on existing Phenom People job requisitions or top performers from any company.

Increased Diversity
Diversity is proven to be one of the best ways to increase a company’s performance. Censia’s AI-technology is designed to eradicate bias from the recruiting process, and users report that their pipelines are three times as diverse when using Censia.

Improved Internal Mobility
Censia can instantly identify existing talent that is ready for promotion and upskilling, further increasing recruiting ROI while decreasing labor costs and turnover.

Censia’s ReadyToHire (RTH) helps people and companies affected by Covid-19. Companies with hiring needs can prioritize the highly qualified talent that has been displaced or is at risk of being downsized in their talent searches. They receive access to some of the best talent available, while also mitigating the economic impact of COVID-19. Individuals who have lost their job can sign up to receive free training and reskilling resources from leading companies, including PwC.

About Censia

Censia Talent Intelligence Platform™ is a recruiting solution that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to help enterprises scale faster and hire better people that stay longer, all for a fraction of the time and cost it takes today.


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