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Partnership Overview

As a recruitment marketing agency with many tools in our tool belt, at Change State we especially value our partnership with Phenom because they’ve always shown a willingness to think outside the box and work within our clients’ existing technology limitations (often not an easy task!). When executing on our clients’ recruitment marketing strategies, Phenom gives us the ability to quickly engage with top talent while keeping a keen eye on the candidate-employee journey, often overlooked on many levels in recruiting.

Key Benefits

Recruitment Marketing Agency of Record
Change State has relationships and contracts in place with all key players in the talent acquisition space, giving our clients time to focus on high-value tasks.

Employer Brand Services
Whether you’re rolling out a new career site, or simply looking for a place to start when defining your EVP, our Employer Brand Services make it easy to identify the messages most likely to resonate with talent.

HR Technology Selection
Change State has vetted hundreds of solutions in the HR technology space so you can spend your time with the final few that make sense for your company’s unique needs. Our extensive, vendor-agnostic needs analysis process narrows down the crowded vendor marketplace to only those that can effectively integrate with your company’s existing technology and business objectives.

About Change State

Any recruitment marketing agency can buy media for your organization, but not all agencies are created equal. Change State brings a fresh approach to your talent acquisition strategy. Our team brings over 25 years of experience in recruitment advertising, technology and services, with a diverse portfolio of experience ranging from Fortune 100 brands to non-profit organizations. Change State’s deep understanding of the current recruitment and technological gaps plaguing talent acquisition teams uniquely positions our team to help you make informed buying decisions. Simply put, we help you recruit better.


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