Cornerstone OnDemand

Helping companies strategically and continuously develop their talent.

Partnership Overview

Cornerstone and Phenom are both committed to helping companies recruit, develop, manage, and engage their people.  From passive candidate detection and jobseeker engagement to best-in-class talent management and experience capabilities, Phenom and Cornerstone support finding the right job and enabling hires to be their best at work with the right development and experiences.

Key Benefits

We are driven by a conviction to make our clients successful: We have more than 3,500 global clients of all sizes and in all industries. Through our work with them, we reach more than 40 million people in 43 different languages every day. We take this role seriously and are proud of our 95% retention rate which, in part, is earned through active listening to clients.

We build cutting edge products
Rooted in learning, we were the first to deliver HCM products to the cloud, and we continue to anticipate, conceptualize and create new products and features that consistently set the bar for the industry.

We are talent management experts
Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen and done it all. No matter the industry or size of the organization, we have the right experts in place to implement the right HCM solution for any challenge.

We are committed to being the best at what we do
We consistently receive top honors and recognition from the industry’s most respected analysts and thought-leaders.

We are life-long learners and embrace curiosity
We believe learning shouldn’t stop after you graduate. It is a life-long initiative that enables people and the organizations they work for to reach their potential.

About Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand was founded with a passion for empowering people through learning and a conviction that people should be your organization’s greatest competitive advantage. Cornerstone is a recognized global human capital management (HCM) leader with a core belief that companies thrive when they help their employees to realize their potential. Putting this belief into practice, Cornerstone offers solutions to help companies strategically manage and continuously develop their talent throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Featuring comprehensive recruiting, personalized learning, development-driven performance management and holistic HR planning, Cornerstone’s human capital management is successfully used by more than 3,600 global clients of all sizes, representing all major industries, spanning over 40 million users across 180+ countries and 40+ languages. Using one data model and one integrated, extensible platform, Cornerstone HCM platform gives clients greater talent insights, recommendations and supporting tools to meet their growing human capital management needs. Cornerstone is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA with more than 20 offices globally. Connect with our sales offices, support and technology centers around the world and learn more about Cornerstone, by visiting


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