Daan Huisman Consulting

Recruitment Technology Strategy Consulting

Partnership Overview

I’m a Phenom Subject Matter Expert, helping Phenom prospects and Phenom customers to help align their recruitment strategy to their recruitment technology investment and making their implementation and adoption of the Phenom platform more successful.

Key Benefits

Sell the Phenom platform internally as the right investment for your company’s recruitment strategy.

Manage all the different stakeholders, timelines and deliverables during implementation and change management.

Coach and train the users to adopt the Phenom Platform and deliver phenomenal recruitment results.

About Daan Huisman

I’m a subject matter expert who can lead, support or complement your project team to ensure that you get the most out of your new recruitment tech and attain your return on investment. I have the network of professionals to complement the project should you need additional resources. The difference between a successful and a difficult implementation and adoption in recruitment tech projects is having the right people with the knowledge, the experience and the time. Many recruitment tech implementations demonstrate this. I’m part of the Phenom partner program as a Certified Strategy Consulting Partner. I also attain the highest level of certification on the Phenom platform: Power User. I have 13 years of experience in recruitment (agency, corporate and interim), more than 1 year in Phenom, almost 5 years as a recruitment and LinkedIn trainer and a background in IT and consulting.


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