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Partnership Overview

The Docebo and Phenom People integration empowers employees with the training they need to develop their skills and achieve their career goals. To support this professional development, employees can identify their career path and the skills required on Phenom Internal Mobility and Phenom Career Pathing. Internal talent then receives or discovers learning content via the Docebo Learning Platform as recommendations for upskilling. Powered by AI, Docebo automatically tags content to produce deeper search results and analyzes course content to understand who will benefit from it most.

Key Benefits

Automate Learning Management
Centralize, manage and organize learning activities, while creating beautiful experiences that employees, customers, and partners will keep coming back to, with Docebo Learn LMS.

Facilitate Social Learning in the Flow-of-Work
Reverse the forgetting curve by facilitating social learning as it happens, in the flow of work with Docebo Discover, Coach & Share. AI makes sure user-generated content finds its way to learners who will value it most.

Extend Learning’s Reach
Engage and align partners to your brand, products, and services; boost customer adoption and product renewal; and increase the value of membership programs, within a single environment or via multiple domains, customized for each audience.



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