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Partnership Overview

Having been in the role of a Phenom customer ourselves, our team knows the value of a well designed, candidate-centric careers site. In the days of hyper-competitive talent acquisition, producing a frictionless discovery and application process for candidates is one of the first recommendations we make to most of our clients.

Employera works well with technology partners, as point solutions focus on small areas of the TA process whereas we look and work holistically through the talent journey. While clients engage Phenom for a platform solution, they may have larger TA/HR problems that our services can help with (EVP, brand, recruitment marketing, experience design, process design, etc).

For Phenom clients, we offer a discount of 10% off our standard rates, or additional services worth 10% of the value of our first project with each client of Phenom.

Key Benefits

Full lifecycle expertise
Our services span every step in the employee journey, from attraction, to employee experience, to offboarding and alumni programs. And they address all the elements that combine to create employee experience: people, process, and technology.

Fueled by Data
We’re deeply committed to creative excellence— grounded in data and analysis. Everyone has opinions and ideas. We rely on serious intel to shape and sharpen ours.

Human-centered design drives everything we do
People are the core of your business, so we put their wants and needs at the center of all our work, to drive business outcomes for our clients.

World-class experience
Our senior leadership team has worked with, and inside, some of the fastest growing and most modern companies in the world, consulting on and managing the full spectrum of branding, attraction, hiring, retention, change management, and internal communications functions.

About Employera

We work with large and mid-sized employers to transform their ability to attract, hire and inspire top employees—through innovative employer branding, recruitment marketing, process and experience design, engagement and culture work, and employee communications. At Employera, we believe employees are the most important force in business. People want to feel good about their job, their employer and the experiences they have at work. They deserve it. And they can find it, somewhere. Our mission is to help your company be that place. We transform companies by improving their ability to attract, inspire and keep great people through employer branding, recruitment marketing, process/ experience design, and internal communications for each step in the employee journey.


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