Leverage A.I. to uncover and unleash software skills at your company.

Partnership Overview

Encube integrates seamlessly with Phenom’s TXM to update software developer skills automatically in the background, and to provide individually tailored project, job, learning, and mentoring options with its proprietary software skills ontology and recommendation engine. Phenom provides a unified experience throughout the entire talent lifecycle, and Encube can enhance that experience for managers and employees at various touch points through the use of deep skills data and advanced algorithms specific to software teams.

Key Integration Benefits
  • Greatly increase the number of documented software skills at your company. Use Encube to uncover hidden skills that don’t show up in resumes to unlock vast amounts of institutional technical knowledge from project tools.
  • Eliminate the hassle of manually updating your skills (or asking others to do so). Encube connects with the project tools your employees every day and update skills automatically in the background while your employees do their normal daily work.
  • Develop skills of the future by identifying upskilling opportunities from your skills data. Encube’s proprietary skills ontology maps the complex relationships between thousands of different software skills to provide skill paths to learn new skills that align one’s existing skills with skills of growing strategic importance to the company.
  • Reveal qualified internal candidates to make informed hiring decisions. Encube will match employees to relevant project and job requirements based on required skills, allowing companies clear options external hiring, contracting, and internal mobility.
  • Save project time by using the right skills data to assign employees to the right project roles, and to recommend the right team members for help if when they get stuck on a task.



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