Integrated video interaction technology to boost your recruitment!

Partnership Overview

Flipbase is partnering with Phenom to offer an easy-to-use video technology to boost communication between recruiters and jobseekers. The technology is asynchronous, which means you will never waste time on scheduling and conducting unnecessary meetings or phone calls anymore. Jobseekers can record and submit videos and recruiters can review submissions at their convenience. Because the technology is fully integrated, it will fit seamlessly into your existing processes and workflows. For example:

  • In your application forms
  • In existing assessments
  • In presentations to business or hiring managers

Key Benefits

  • Faster time to hire
  • Higher quality candidates
  • Innovative candidate journey
  • Higher productivity
  • More convenient
About Flipbase

Flipbase is a scalup based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We make business processes more effective and fun by enabling professionals with easy to use video technology to advocate authenticity!


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