Global HR implementation partner for the Talent Experience platform

Partnership Overview

Improve the lives of your workforce. We combine our experience, knowledge and passion for recruitment, HR and technology to transform your recruitment processes in order to bring out the best Talent in your people. As the global implementation partner for Phenom and third-party HR solutions, we have been successfully completing implementations in a variety of industries worldwide for more than a decade. Our implementations are successful due to the passion and expertise we bring to the table.

FourVision is also Microsoft’s Global leading Dynamics 365 Human Resources implementation partner. We were the winner of the Microsoft Partner of the Year awards in 2019 due to our extensive knowledge and impressive suite of Web Apps that increase the functionality of Dynamics 365 Human Resources with smart tools and standard solutions.

Key Benefits

Our team has the necessary and established industry knowledge to resolve your complex recruitment challenges using the Phenom TXM Platform. Our implementation consultants are available to support you both onsite and remotely by providing the necessary guidance to ensure the correct deployment of the Phenom Platform.

Our team is trained and skilled to assist you during every step of the implementation process with minimum inconvenience to your day-to-day business processes. Our implementation approach is polished and effective. We have a highly trained and skilled Project Management Team who will support you throughout all stages of the implementation.

Our team can integrate a variety of end-to-end solutions and platforms. Once we have determined your needs, we can recommend additional solutions that will increase the productivity of your team even more.

We have an experienced support team ready to assist you with anything you need. We can also provide after-care support tailored to your needs in order to ensure your effective HR processes are maintained and up-to-date. We always take a proactive approach in managing product updates and ensuring your organization runs on the latest version of your solution.

We offer a range of tailor-made training programmes adjusted to suit your need which we can deliver either onsite or remotely. For more in-depth product knowledge, user training and ongoing support, we will design a training programme aligned with both the project plan as well as post go-live support.

About FourVision

Structure. Relieve. Streamline. Our consulting team is here to help you create your own end-to-end Recruitment and HR solution. We drive digital transformation across the entire HR process: recruitment, hiring, employee management and employee development by offering you innovative and smart solutions. Our combined experience, knowledge, and passion for HR and technology helped us develop our Best Practice Approach to transform your recruitment – HR solution and bring out the best talent among your people. Our services include sharing our knowledge and implementing your new solution, training your key users, and long-life support once we finish the implementation process so that you can begin working with your new system.

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During a free-of-charge 120-minute consultation, we will start with an introduction so we can get to know each other better. We want to learn about your current processes so that we can review and help you optimize where necessary. Together, we will find the best possible solution that helps your recruiters find and nurture talent that will strengthen your organization for the future! To find out more about how we can help you, click the Learn More button above.


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