Great hiring gives leaders the confidence to accomplish anything.

Partnership Overview

Collaboration between Greenhouse and Phenom gives any organization the capability to be great at hiring. With a powerful integration comprising of seamless job, apply, and status updates, your company and your recruiters will be positioned to meet any hiring demand with an innovative approach, all while delivering a great candidate experience for jobseekers.

Key Integration Benefits

Build a compelling hiring experience
Own every moment of your hiring experience. Deliver a hiring experience that everyone is proud of, excited to participate in and adds value to the company.

Find and track the right candidates
Identify and attract the best talent for your organization. Strategically source and pinpoint the best talent.

Constantly improve your process using reports
Make confident, informed hiring decisions. Leverage a structured hiring strategy to make objective decisions and ensure consistency.

Scale to the size of your business
Operate at your fullest potential and watch your business grow. Get ahead and stay ahead with a continuously improving talent acquisition process.


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