Our Dream Candidate Algorithm predicts the right candidates.

Partnership Overview

Using the Phenom TXM platform with HappyrMatch integrated will enhance the matching quality and increase the probability the newly hired candidate or the employee in a career move will thrive in your organization and become a profitable employee.

HappyrMatch is based on AI technology created to match the right individual with the right employer or the new workplace within the organization. Data is collected from several different types of tests and matching is then done by algorithms analyzing both the individual and the employer. Examples of data that are analyzed are personality, driving forces, problem-solving ability and values/culture. Each new match uses lessons learned from previous recruits through feedback from candidates and employers. Machine learning gives our matching algorithm higher precision for each recruitment completed.

Key Integration Benefits

Increasing recruiting quality for everyone
Using HappyrMatch everyone even the unexperienced and stressed recruiter or manager will succeed more often.

  • Saving up to 80% for time to fill
  • Saving up to 80% for time to hire

Unbiased recruiting
By collecting and analyzing data in a scientific and structured way all application can be treated with less bias in the recruiting process.

Culture assessments
One of the unique parts of HappyrMatch is the way it is measuring and matching values and culture. This means that you can use HappyrMatch Culture as a solution for recruiting, matchning each applicant for culture fit and or culture add. And also use it as a tool for to continuously measure and follow up cultural change.

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