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Partnership Overview

Partnering with HRComputes provides Human Capital Management knowledge and technology expertise to ensure that your Phenom project is a success. We focus on change management, technology adoption, data analysis, and information reporting to enhance the talent experience. We bridge the gap between functional and technical to create a nurturing and inclusive candidate process. Phenom delivers the technology and we bring the optimization and project management knowledge to ensure that you maximize your impact and ROI.

Key Benefits

Maximize your speed to impact and realization of your talent experience strategy.

Improve actionable decision making process by helping convert data into information improving manager experience and insights.

Optimize stakeholder engagement and resource allocation to deliver your transformative recruitment experience.

Lead the project management team to deliver on your digital talent experience and integration with existing human capital platforms.

Support user adoption and training with a variety of tools and resources.

About HRComputes

HRComputes is a leading human capital management-consulting firm providing exceptional experience in the selection, implementation, synchronization, and optimization of human capital systems for enterprise level organizations. With over 25 years of experience, we provide expertise in strategy, technology, project management, change management, talent acquisition and development, and human capital functionality. Our clients are regional, national, and global from a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, banking, manufacturing, telecommunication, entertainment, not for profits, education, healthcare, and professional services organizations. Our holistic view of the talent experience from candidate to retiree uniquely qualifies us to guide your team through strategy, execution, adoption, and success.


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