A new way to manage the end-to-end hiring lifecycle.

Partnership Overview

Support the entire candidate experience from start to finish with an end-to-end enterprise recruitment technology platform. iCIMS offers best-in-class recruiting products for your hiring life cycle. Transform into an employer of choice with modern communication tools via text, chatbot, and social media messaging, so your organization is always top of mind for candidates. Then continue the candidate experience by offering a mobile-friendly application process, to delivering a professional offer, to preparing new hires for day one on the job, all while reducing cost and time-to-hire. iCIMS’ robust integration capabilities provide a seamless, powerful extension to your core HR systems – centralizing complex talent acquisition data and transferring it as one unified story to all your applications.


iCIMS Recruit
Find and manage applicants so they stay engaged throughout the entire hiring lifecycle. With this best-in-class applicant tracking system, you’ll prioritize the candidate experience to reach your hiring goals faster.

iCIMS Offer
Automate time-consuming, manual offer processes for consistency and scalability. You’ll get them in the door faster, while simultaneously reducing errors to improve compliance.

iCIMS Preboard
Get mandatory forms, paperwork, and other onboarding activities done before employees’ first day. You’ll set the right tone before they arrive, and empower them to hit the ground running.

iCIMS TextRecruit
Generate 5x the open and response rates of email with the modern solution trusted by some of the world’s largest companies.

Accelerate time to hire with this 100% configurable chatbot that uses natural language processing.

About iCIMS

iCIMS is the leading recruitment software provider for employees to attract, engage and hire great people. iCIMS enables companies to manage and scale their recruiting process through a full product suite and an ecosystem of 250 integrated partners. Established in 2000, iCIMS supports 4,000 customers, including one in every six global 1000 companies in the US, hiring 4 million people each year and is the largest software provider dedicated to talent acquisition.


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iCIMS Recruit Overview

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