Jarvis connects companies with top data scientists and ML engineers

Partnership Overview

Jarvis plugs seamlessly into the Phenom’s TXM platform, curating world-class data scientists and machine learning engineers for clients. Phenom empowers our clients to better manage their Talent Experience and we empower Phenom’s software with our high-touch hiring platform.

Key Benefits

Reach more high-quality passive & active talent than with any other provider.

Enjoy higher candidate engagement, since many are candidates are warmly introduced by our Referral Partners.

Never worry about quality of talent: our experts and machines rigorously vet & screen.

Industry-leading turnaround (14 days for permanent roles, 48 hours for freelance/contract).

Hire without any risk, as our candidates are backed by two-week risk-free trials for contract roles and 90 day guarantees for permanent roles.

The most elite Data Science & Machine Learning Expert Marketplace. Every expert in our Expert Marketplace has been rigorously screened and vetted by our internal experts, having passed several rounds of intense assessments and evaluations.

About Jarvis

Jarvis is a premium recruitment platform that connects companies with top-tier, pre-vetted, interview-ready data scientists and machine learning engineers, for permanent and freelance roles. With our industry-leading, in-house AI sourcing technology and the nation’s most powerful ML/DS referral network, we make it easy for companies to hire world-class talent.


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