Better candidate experiences. Smarter hiring decisions.

Partnership Overview

With Modern Hire and Phenom, Talent Acquisition teams can make better hiring decisions through more personalized, data-driven experiences for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. Recruiters can create a hiring workflow for any candidate and any job.

Key Integration Benefits

Smaller recruiting teams can accomplish more with Modern Hire on-demand interviews and science- and data-based candidate prioritization, while our pre-employment assessments help you efficiently identify top candidates.

Every step of the hiring process is predictive for the recruiting team, from first contact through pre-hire assessments. With Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryouts, recruiting teams identify and focus on the best fit candidates who will be top performers, and avoid time spent with poor fit candidates.

Our transparent and candidate-centric focus ensures that your hiring process is fair, encourages diversity in your talent pools, and achieves the results and outcomes you require. The Modern Hire platform is built on our PhD-backed trusted science, candidate transparency, and our published AI Code of Ethics.

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