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When experts connect HR data, you have peace of mind.

Partnership Overview

For the benefit of the global HR community, Modulus and Phenom are excited to work together to address specific data challenges within SaaS applications. Deploying a unified solution means that data no longer resides in different disconnected silos in the cloud, or requires manual data re-entry into disparate systems. Using its state-of-the-art technology, Modulus Data integrates data from any HR application in near-real-time for the benefit of Phenom customers with any HR system.

Key Benefits

Time-saving Efficiency
HR professionals want to avoid double data entry between systems so they can focus on more strategic things. Re-entering new hire data from the company ATS into Core HR and the Payroll system is inefficient, vulnerable to manual errors, and with data integration—no longer necessary.

Streamlined Processes
Modulus Data’s Prebuilt Connectors require no internal IT resources to be allocated to create or maintain an integration. These connectors also share data to and from software APIs in real-time. This streamlines HR processes in a way that was previously impossible.

Return on Investment
Typically, customers that hire more than 8 employees a month find that they experience return on investment from time savings in the first year. Modulus Data’s Prebuilt Connectors work for businesses that hire in the U.S. as well as internationally.

About Modulus Data

Modulus Data is the recognized expert in data integration for HR applications. Any company who wants to save time and money by no longer manually re-entering data in HR applications benefits from Modulus Data’s services. In addition to our HR data integration consulting expertise, Modulus Data is chosen for our next-generation, hosted Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) called Modulus Connect. To maximize value for clients, Modulus Data focuses exclusively on integrating HR applications. If you have any HR data integration challenges, talk with the experts at Modulus Data, where we say, “Everything Connects.” Visit us at


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