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Partnership Overview

Nexus is a content developer for all touchpoints in the Employee lifecyle. We discover, develop and activate the stories and content that brings the employment experience to life, for uses in everything from initial attraction in the talent acquisition stage, to engagement in the application stage, to onboarding and all interactions to follow. Our work with Phenom enables us to partner with an industry leading, world-class platform, to provide high-quality content development that makes each client’s Phenom instance unique, impactful and highly effective.

Key Benefits

Deep Collaboration
We are our clients’ “easy button” – working together to suit their needs. Turn-key production or ground up co-development, and everything in-between.

In House Capability
Nexus’ strategic and creative approach to deliver diverse programs with in-house resources. No need for additional vendors to complicate, lengthen and fragment project execution.

Streamlined Production
Nexus’ unique sprint-based work processes with stacked workflows, efficient product design, and rapid iteration reduces overall development time, resource usage, and cost.

Innovative Focus
We work with our clients to develop disruptive communications products that cut through the noise and deliver memorable experiences across the employee lifecycle.

About Nexus

At Nexus, we are all about Connecting People with Purpose. We help create the perfect place to work for our clients. We help people grow their careers. We help companies connect with their people in more meaningful, authentic, and impactful ways. Specifically, our communications work spans across our clients’ ‘employee experience’ – from recruiting, to orientation & on-boarding, to values and culture, pay & benefits, leadership, learning/training, engagement & recognition, and beyond. We are platform and material agnostic, producing content in digital and analog applications, from web to posters, brochures, websites, videos, podcasts and more. Our talented strategy, account and project management teams are supported by a full in-house creative and production studio, as well as a broad base of professional partners. We are propelled by partnering with our own people, fueling their growth, so they can inspire our clients to define and create best-in-class work experiences for their very own talent. It’s our way of connecting. It’s our nexus.


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