Pontoon is helping the world’s leading organizations find better ways to attract and retain talent – whether it’s through temporary, permanent, crowdsourcing, gig work, upskilling, reskilling, artificial intelligence and automation. We design and implement workforce strategies that achieve our customer’s business objectives.

Partnership Overview

Pontoon Solutions is a professional services firm that delivers people, processes, and tools to optimize workforces. Our customers can tap into our deep expertise, rich data, and high performing technology that breaks organizational boundaries.

The result is talent without limits, accurate data intelligence, agility, productivity, and cost avoidance.

Pontoon brings a forward-thinking view of the open talent economy: the way people look at work and the way employers think about it has drastically changed. More often than not, people want to move with fluidity between roles (and companies) as well as between different employment models (full-time vs contingent).

As a global leader in HR outsourcing, Pontoon specializes in contingent workforce management, recruitment experience outsourcing (RXO) and total talent solutions. With over 150 clients across 100+ countries, Pontoon Solutions brings unparalleled expertise and innovation to help organizations achieve their talent acquisition and management goals.

Our partnership with Phenom provides a comprehensive and integrated talent management solution which delivers exceptional experiences that improve recruitment outcomes. This partnership also enables us to deploy, implement, and optimize the technology to employers of all shapes and sizes.

Key Integration Benefits

Enhanced hiring manager and candidate experience:

  • Access a comprehensive talent management solution that delivers personalized consumer-grade user experience that engages and retains top talent in a competitive marketplace.

Cost savings and scalability:

  • Reduce your cost and time per hire and improve your scalability by leveraging Pontoon Solutions' RPO services and expertise in workforce management.

Compliance beyond ticking boxes:

  • Make first time right decisions that keeps your workforce compliant. Effectively manage governance with a solution that integrates with your existing systems and workflows, while providing real-time reporting and analytics.


Partner with Pontoon Solutions today and transform your talent strategy and deliver the outcomes your business needs!

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