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Partnership Overview

Phenom & Reddsand – Better Together!

Reddsand is your go-to source for implementation, optimization, & consulting on Phenom’s Talent Experience platform. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

Having the keys to the engine (the Phenom Platform) is one important part of the equation. Having Reddsand as your partner along the journey is the other.

We’ll work closely with your teams to bring you through the process of transforming your talent acquisition and management functions to becoming strategic. Not always an easy process, but always a worthwhile one.

Real-time data and Artificial Intelligence with actionable insights can make the difference between success and failure in many businesses. With Phenom and Reddsand, you’ll be ready to reach the next level and beyond with a combination of the best of breed technology and a pure-play HR Tech consulting company with experience of implementing market-leading HR systems across varied industries and regions.

Key Benefits

HR Tech Pedigree
We are a pure-play HR technology consulting company. Our focus since the beginning has been on cutting edge technologies for HR and Talent Management. This, coupled with our deep understanding of the HR processes across the spectrum, enables us to provide better solutions to our clients.

True Transformation
We like to see ourselves as a tour guide rather than a taxi driver. We don’t just take you from point A to point B in your implementation of technology, we also advise you on the best practices/processes and things to consider along with the technology implementation. We hit the right balance of People/ Process/ Technology in our implementations. Technology is just one part, the other two parts of a successful transformation are People and Process. We focus on all three to ensure a successful implementation and transformation. Our services cover end to end consulting needs for clients and not just technology implementation.

Hybrid Implementation Methodology
Over years of experience implementing HR systems, we have adopted a unique hybrid approach to our project management methodology. Reddsand’s PROMPT implementation is a hybrid approach to implementing Cloud products. Traditional waterfall implementation might be too prescriptive and rigid to deal with the challenges that we usually face in a cloud-based global implementation. At the same time going completely Agile might not help deliver the result from an experienced consulting firm in being a knowledgeable guide in implementing new systems and processes. With this in mind, we have developed a Hybrid methodology where we are able to make use of best of both worlds and be able to achieve success in considerably short project lifecycles.

We offer a range of tailor-made training programmes adjusted to suit your need which we can deliver either onsite or remotely. For more in-depth product knowledge, user training and ongoing support, we will design a training programme aligned with both the project plan as well as post go-live support.


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