We are an international leader in RPO, MSP, and SOW solutions.

Partnership Overview

Resource Solutions is a Premier Partner of Phenom People. Both as a customer and an SI Partner of Phenom gives us unique ability to leverage our recruitment expertise, product insight and implementation knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

Key Benefits

Talent Engagement
We design targeted, multi-channel recruitment campaigns using innovative as well as traditional methods in order to identify and engage talent and strengthen employer brand messaging.

Strategic Sourcing
Our strategic approach to sourcing talent allows companies to uncover high quality candidates while optimising time and resources.

Candidate Experience
From application to post-probation, we manage candidates so they are supported and feel positively about your overall recruitment experience from start to finish.

Employer brand & EVP consultation
Communicate your employer brand ethos to all current and future employees to distinguish your company from your competitors.

With a technology team that has implemented over 100 CRM, ATS and VMS systems for clients across the globe we have unrivalled experience and expertise in successful recruitment application deployment.


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