We help companies get more value from their recruitment tech

Partnership Overview

We are Phenom Certified Power Users providing services on top of the Phenom Product, like the creation of pages or the customization of widgets. Besides that, we help you get insights into your quantitative and qualitative candidate experience.

Key Benefits

Tech + Communication
As we have an extensive technical and communication background, we are able to deliver value across the entire Phenom Product Suite.

Besides Phenom, we are subject matter experts on various digital recruitment tools, ranging from ATSs to advertisement platforms. That means we’re able to support you in every aspect of the candidate journey

Track Record
We’ve got a big track record record of working with multiple Fortune 500 companies, where we’ve already proved our value.

No more guessing
We always work in a data-informed way, where we base all our decisions on both quantitative and qualitative data. That results in being sure of the decisions we make and leads to the highest added value.

Don’t take our word for granted, listen to our customers
“Within a few hours after we started working together, I realised that he is a lot more and there is a job title yet to be invented for his multidisciplinary, conversion, optimisation and data-driven expertise.” Ivan Raykov – Senior Marketing Specialist,

About Roadtrip

We (both named Jelmer) founded Roadtrip. With Roadtrip, we improve the recruitment processes of companies with a digital marketing mindset. Not the shiniest, but the right tools. Sustainable and always validated. Optimise your candidate experience and retain your next best hire. Both of our backgrounds are in digital marketing, with a focus on the technical side or on the communication side. By combining those expertises, we are able to offer high-value impact to recruitment teams. We do this for Phenom customers like, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and Danaher. We both attain the highest level of certification on the Phenom Platform: Power User.


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Custom Campaign Pages – PVH

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