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Pushing boundaries … from powerful creative to targeted branding

Partnership Overview

Through our strong partnership with Phenom, Shaker significantly enhances the candidate experience of those who engage with our clients’ employment-related content. Our designers, writers, and developers push digital creative boundaries and add a level of sophistication—honoring dynamic user experiences to engage candidates in unique and compelling ways and drive targeted traffic to the career site. We partner with Phenom in developing and implementing powerful creative, including graphic assets, copywriting, professional photography and videography, corporate brand stakeholder partnership, digital advertising, social media management, and other services.

Key Benefits

We drive and engage the right candidates to your career site through branded content and dynamic user experiences.

We draw from our full spectrum of services to tailor a recruitment marketing strategy to your unique needs.

Engage right-fit talent in meaningful ways through authentic employer branding and compelling creative.

You can trust our recommendations because they are impartial and informed by deep industry experience.

Our familial business model based on trust and client success means you can rely on attentive, agile service.

About Shaker

What we do starts with you. We listen to you. Carefully. Then we consult. Thoughtfully. Shaker Recruitment Marketing is a full-service recruitment marketing agency specializing in highly customized solutions for attracting and retaining the right talent, including authentic employer branding, exceptional creative, and innovative digital experiences. Celebrating over 65 years in the industry, Shaker offers unbiased recommendations informed by a familial business model of trust, passion, and an unwavering commitment to clients’ success.


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