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Professional video, photo, and blog content to fuel your TXM platform

Partnership Overview

Phenom’s TXM Platform gives you superpowers when it’s fueled with engaging video, photo, and blog content. But creating professional, substantive content is hard to do, and you’re strapped for resources. That’s why Phenom and Stories Inc. partnered up.

Stories Inc. creates content to bring your talent experience to life. Our unique methodology empowers us to efficiently create beautiful content libraries — loaded with videos, photos, and blogs optimized to the different channels in your Phenom TXM platform.

Want to give candidates real insight into your culture through video content on your Phenom career site? We can help. Want to replace generic stock photos with beautiful photos of real team members? We can help. Want to feature a team member’s career path story in a video supplementing your Phenom Internal Mobility module? We can help.

We’re excited to show you how we’ve helped companies make the most of their TXM platform!

Key Benefits

Substantive Content that Talent Craves
Candidates and team members crave true stories from real people. The Stories Inc. methodology focuses on uncovering stories that provide the proof that you are who you say you are as a workplace.

A Facilitated Experience
It’s challenging to get team members to speak substantively about your workplace, without falling back on generic marketing-speak. That’s why Stories Inc. facilitates the entire process. Sit back and relax (or more like ‘focus on your many other tasks’), because we handle everything.

Gorgeous, Professional Quality
When we say we facilitate the entire process, we mean it — we use our own professional gear to create gorgeous post-produced videos and photos, inviting the viewer into your workplace and showing them what it’s like to be there.

Efficient Content Creation
Our facilitated process — which we’ve honed for close to a decade — allows us to create large quantities of content very efficiently. For one Phenom customer, we delivered 21 videos and a 600+ photo library from spending just two days on-site.

Content Optimized for the Funnel and per Channel
At different phases of a recruiting funnel, candidates look for different things in the content they consume about you. We optimize your content not only to the different phases of the funnel but to the different channels within those phases.

You Own It
All that professional, substantive, optimized content we create? You own it! Use it to fuel your Phenom TXM platform, then re-purpose it elsewhere — on social, on employer review sites, anywhere.

About Stories Inc.

Top talent craves true stories from real team members. Share those stories in engaging video, photo and blog content to strengthen connections with your future and current team members. Founded in 2012, Stories Inc. creates beautiful, substantive video, photo and blog content libraries inspired by employee experiences. Whether you’re an SMB or a Fortune 10 company, we find stories that communicate what makes you unique and create a wide variety of professional content—optimized per channel—to help you share those stories. Our unique methodology empowers us to create large content libraries efficiently, without sacrificing quality and substance.


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