Power your talent strategy with precision and unparalleled flexibility.

Partnership Overview

Find talent from everywhere, and instantly get it into Phenom. See your data wherever you need to. Connect, manage, and enable your talent data to help drive your workforce decisions throughout the talent life-cycle. Automatically connect and build a seamless framework of applications with SwoopTalent’s Plug n Play API capabilities. Decrease the time and effort it takes to source the best candidates for the perfect position.

Key Integration Benefits

Intuitively link all your disparate talent systems with our prebuilt and custom API connections.

Recover any data from current or historical systems, refresh the data and make it available inside Phenom.

One click push records from LinkedIn, your ATS and everywhere else directly into Phenom.

Social data, ATS data, Phenom data – our browser extension lets you see all of it wherever you are working.

Access our public, social, LinkedIn and skills data to enrich your talent records – right inside your Phenom People “Discover” module.


Connect with Phenom

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