Putting the power of psychology to work for the modern employer.

Partnership Overview

Traitify’s Phenom partnership enables recruiters to harness the power of mobile-first, visual-based assessments that match the candidate experience jobseekers have come to expect. Integrated with Phenom, Traitify puts the power of personality data to work for the modern employer — from the initial candidate experience through hiring, employment, and ongoing learning & development, Traitify is there with the data needed to help employers and employees get the most out of employment experiences and improve the way the world works. Our signature Traitify Big Five Personality Assessment is based on the most well-established theory of personality psychology and collides top-tier behavioral science with culture-savvy tech.

Key Integration Benefits

Reduce Time to Hire
Applicants are prioritized by fit score, allowing you to screen and hire the best candidates 2 to 3x faster.

Decrease Talent Acquisition Costs
Improve tenure with hires that are a better fit from the start, allowing customers to reduce replacement acquisition activities.

Minimize Applicant Drop-Off
With the fastest assessment on the market (<90 seconds), we create a sticky experience that candidates can easily navigate.

Improve the Candidate Experience
We are built with candidate expectations in mind, allowing employers to build interest through the application process.



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