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Partnership Overview

A Phenom + Truist partnership gives you a holistic, unrivaled Talent Experience (Tx) solution. Truist works with you to collaboratively design your talent brand proposition and strategy, while Phenom delivers the technology that brings it to life and maximizes its impact.

Our shared approach of applying proven consumer marketing techniques to solve critical talent challenges ensures your brand performs on the cutting edge of innovation + inspiration.

Key Benefits

We’ve intentionally built a different type of agency since day 1 to overcome gaps we’ve experienced firsthand in the traditional agency-client relationship. Our unique approach allows our clients to benefit in the following ways:

Affordable Brilliance
We embrace modern-day agile workforce solutions, opting to assemble the absolute best team for each specific project rather than employ a large generalist team that does their best at them all. With decades of experiences and connections, we engage brilliant talent across industries and skill areas to assemble a team that has proven track records of success, but also an itch to be inventive. This “quality over quantity” approach delivers exceptional results to our clients without having to also deliver a massive invoice.

Insane Efficiency
Our LEAN trained project leaders and proprietary co-creation approach to execution deliver fast outcomes that have exponentially higher levels of buy-in from diverse stakeholder groups. We believe there is both tangible and intangible value in “time”, and we aim to optimize our clients’ as a trusted, empathetic partner.

Success Beyond Targets
What’s better than getting what you want? Getting what you NEED when you didn’t even know you needed it. We are not note-takers or money-hungry puppets. We are an extension of your team, obsessed with high value, high quality outcomes and will be as honest as it is necessary to have our clients believe that is what we have delivered….every. single. time. We’ve been known to adjust project charters, design the first proposal, or edit stated goals to ensure our many years of experience are harnessed to get our customers results the first time around, without long learning curves or hard lessons.


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