Maximize your recruitment budget for every job.

Partnership Overview

Appcast and Phenom’s partnership has enabled a number of organizations to engage, attract and delight job seekers at every step of the candidate journey – from ‘first impression’ to accepted offer. Mutual customers are able to make more efficient, data-driven decisions about how they invest their recruitment budget, while meeting their hiring objectives.

Key Integration Benefits

Access across 10,000+ job, professional, niche, and social sites to drive more active and passive candidates to your open jobs.

Quality Hires…Fast
Engage more candidates from the largest online job ad exchange. Quickly shift your recruitment advertising budget depending on your needs, and only pay for applicants delivered.

Optimize Spend
Set rules to stop spending money on candidates you don’t need. Know that your ad dollars are going toward candidates, not empty clicks.

Enterprise Scale
Align your recruitment budget with your end goal: hireable candidates for every open position.

Appcast – the #1 job ad exchange – presents open positions across thousands of channels, complete with 100+ million unique monthly job seekers, to reach candidates throughout the Web.

Rules Based Buying
Use software and data, rather than people, to make real-time decisions on where to post job advertisements across the web.


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