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Partnership Overview

Emsi and Phenom People are coming together to provide Employers with access to the best labor market data available, anywhere. From benchmarking your opportunities against the competition, to salary and talent supply insights, Emsi can help answer critical questions about a single role or provide the data needed to support your entire talent strategy. From supply and demand comparisons, to college and diversity data, we have everything you need to build a data-first talent strategy. Click ‘learn more’ to experience Emsi data first-hand.

Key Benefits

Find the talent
See a heat map of matching profiles where you might want to focus your recruiting efforts.

Check supply
Select the skills important to you to get a sense of the supply of talent. If your desired skills make the talent pool too small, de-select a few skills and you’ll get more candidates.

See compensation
How much should your organization pay? If you’re requiring an elite skill but are pitching a lower salary than other employers, you might want to increase your offer.

Know your competition
Which companies are competing for the same talent? Prepare to get competitive if you’re up against a much larger company, or else shift your recruiting efforts elsewhere.



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