Lead HCM Saas for 14 years, served more than 3000 companies in nationwide.

Partnership Overview

KNX Human Resource Technology Co., Ltd. (KNX) is the exclusive reseller in the Region of Greater China, responsible for the sales, implementation, operation and maintenance service of Phenom related products in the Region of Greater China.

KNX Team will be responsible for the sale Phenom in China market and build Phenom branding in China with Phenom Global Marketing team together.

KNX Team work with Phenom team together to help Phenom Product Localization.

KNX Team will work with Phenom team together for the implementation delivery.

Key Benefits

Localized Data Centers In accordance with Chinese laws and regulations
Phenom TXM has been deployed to AWS China in accordance with global uniform standards, and related business service components such as email, SMS, LBS, resume resolution and other services have also been deployed locally to fully comply with Chinese laws and regulations and provide a globally uniform product meeting experience.

Local Language Customer Support
KNX not only offers a comprehensive Chinese system interface, but also provides the ultimate in customer support through our dedicated customer service representatives, 400 dials, emails, and WeChat.

Ultimate Connection Speed
Phenom TXM has been deployed to AWS China server and operated by KNX, the local deployment of the system will bring the ultimate access speed experience. Meanwhile over 10 years of experience in China SaaS product operation and maintenance KNX will provide stable and secure product experience.

Law Compliance
KNX offers flexible system solutions to help client achieve a balance between business and compliance requirements, minimizing the impact of legal compliance on your business.

Enterprise-level integrated HR digital solution
KNX has the most comprehensive HR product matrix in China, and thanks to the powerful KNX data platform, relevant product data has been seamlessly linked. KNX is capable of providing enterprise-level integrated HR digital solutions to its customers, and has already gained the recognition of many customers.


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