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Partnership Overview

As a company grows, so does the average number of open positions at any one time. Data shows that some companies need an average of 86 candidates just to make one hire. This means growing organizations need to process tens of thousands of candidate interactions to meet their evolving business needs.

LeverTRM is the industry’s only complete ATS+CRM solution. Its intuitive features, intelligent automation, and actionable reporting make sourcing, recruiting, nurturing, and hiring easier. Plus, LeverTRM improves collaboration across distributed workforces with built-in, cloud-based communications and workflows.

Key Integration Benefits
  • Avoid the headache of moving all your data during a growth spurt.
  • Source passive talent for new roles within a centralized candidate database.
  • Stay in touch with personalized outreach to preferred candidates.
  • Optimize productivity across teams, even as departments grow.
  • Monitor key metrics and gain actionable reporting insights.


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